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Bios password reset on a Gateway

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I need to reset the bios password on a Gateway ES Profile 1.8 X

I understand that I need to use the jumper on the system board however am unable to find the jumper location.

Would anyone have this info?

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What kinda battery do you have on there? Is it a coin battery like you would find in a watch?
Battery type

The battery is very small.....I would have removed it but it is soldered in three a last last resort I might try it... a jumper would be nice if I new were it was.
I guess you could say it is a coin type...however it looks like the coin is not removable unless maybe doing some un soldering.

are you sure the battery is soldered in place and not like some clips or housing is soldered in place and the battery is being held in by that.

I haven't come across and Gateways that have the battery secured that way it would make it impossible for the user to change it when it died ?

Ill check for the specs on that motherboard and get back.
I've seen the soldered batteries on Gateway mobos. Older ones, but I have seen it. Buy a soldering iron from radio shack for 3.95 and take it out. This will surely clear the cmos. While you are at the shack, buy a small push button normally closed switch and wire it in series with the battery so the next time it only takes 10 seconds to clear.
Learn somthing new each day.. I really had no idea Gateway did that, really bad idea I would think, those battery cant last forever, at least non of mine do :dead:

Anyway.. Id take JAMMANS advice on the switch, no point in wasting you time again in the future. :D
Thanks Guys

Thanks guys for the idea's

A detonator switch don't sound like a bad idea!!

Perhaps by the time the battery goes bad its time for a new PC

Question, you can get into the computer, but just can't get into cmos correct? If so I have a program that will clear cmos called It will clear the cmos and you should be able to get into afterwords. I can't belive I forgot about the program, I use it once or twice a month.
Thanks Danrak for all the info

Thanks Danrak for all the info
I will acquire and give it a try...sounds like a must have for the tool box!!

Oh yeah,... I forgot about that program.... it'll work for what you need, I guess you don't have to break out the soldering iron and go to work on your motherboard. .. Sorry about that. :)
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