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Hey anyone, I have a question reguarding my my new ram and video card that I just bought. I just upgraded my ram from pc100 64mb to pc133 512mb. I want to use the ram the best I can. What bios setting should I use. Right now this is how I have it set in the bios:

1/2 timing: 8ns
3/4 timing: 8ns
5/6 timing: 8ns

dram clock: hst clk

is this good?

also, I have a new video card, which is the Hercules 3d prophet 64mb w/ tv out. Anyone know anything about this card. I already visited the website and read all that I needed. I gave some suggestions with the bios settings, but on some, I could find it at all in the bios. Can someone with expertise on this video card help me out. I also wanna optimize this card for best graphics and speed. Many thanks in advance!!
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