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big problems

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Hi guys, Well where do I start. My cpu wont let my run hjt scans, adware scans, open explorer, go into safe mode, go into my computer, or do a system restore. It lets me run a scan with ewido and inuculate it and they both came back clean. I have no idea what to do? I was on a web site called fight authority and I was watching little video clips of fighting and I think that is where things went wrong. Come someone please help! I had to go to a buddies house and use his computrt to get on line! thanks alot
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What kind of errors are you getting when you try to use HJT/Adaware/Explorer?
You can boot into Windows right?
yea, I can go into windows.(xp) but when i click on adware or explorer they wont open. I have ccleaner as well and it will let me open it, but when i run cleaner it closes me out. I cant get into the control panel either.
What happens when you try to go to Safe Mode? If you can get to safe mode run your antivirus program. Also have you tried to run adaware in safe mode?
hi geek girl, thanks for the help, when I go to safemode it strart off like it normally does but when I click yes proceed in safemode all the icons and the taskbar disappear. when I click no it says system restore can not fix problems. Ive been messing around and i was able to run hjt in regular mode through task manager but it wont let me make a log. Nothing looks to suspicous though. Im goig to go back into safe mode and see if i can run any scans through task manager.
It seems to me that when try to open things its being sent somewhere or hidden. I would open task manager and click new task and it would let me browse but if i clicked on certain things it would kick me out of task manager. I would go back to task manager and browse again, if i got kicked out again there would be the little task mang. icon in the far right of the task bar where the clock is. IF i got kicked out 3 times there would be 3 icons. if i point the mouse at the icons they just disappear. hope that wasnt to confusing! Thank again
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Boot normal and click Start>Run and type in msconfig
Click the Startup tab and see what is running.
hi geek girl, sorry I was out of town for the weekend. I did what you said and everything looked normal.
We'll need to transport some files from the computer you are now using, to your infected computer.

Download and save the file to your desktop.
Right click on the file and extract it to it's own folder on the desktop.
So you'll get a new folder called smitrem on your desktop.
I want you to put that folder on cd, floppy or usb-stick.

On your infected computer, boot again in safe mode and open your task manager again.
Now insert the cd, floppy or usb-stick where you saved the smitrem folder in your infected computer.

In your Task Manager, click 'applications' (first tab).
Click the New Task button.
Cick browse.

Now browse to the drive where your floppy, usb-stick or cd is present (could be A or D or E or F.. you'll see..)
Search for that smitrem folder.
Right click on the smitrem folder and choose: Copy

Now browse again via Task Manager to My Documents or Program Files.
Right click somewhere in there, right click and choose: Paste
Now open the smitrem folder you just copied and pasted and click the file: RunThis.bat
Then click open.
In the window where it says 'Create new task', click OK.

Normally, you'll have to drag the different windows you'll see to left or to right, because normally they will open on top of each other and you wont see the command window the tool starts that is under it.
You'll see a blue window now.
Follow the prompts on screen.
Wait for the tool to complete.

When done, in Task Manager, click 'shut down' from the menu on top and click restart. Your computer will reboot now.
Reboot to normal mode and post a hijackthis log in your next reply.
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I dont have access to any of the drivers
Try this

EXE (Ink and regfile) Fix for Windows XP

To use the Regedits:
Save the REG File to your hard disk (C:\). (right click the above link and select Save) Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt. REG files can be viewed in Notepad by right clicking on the file and selecting Edit.

To use the VBS Files:
Download .vbs file and save it to your hard drive (you may want to right click and use Save Target As). Double
click the vbs file. You will be prompted when the script is done.

NOTE: If your anti-virus software warns you of a "malicious" script, this is normal if you have "Script Safe" or similar technology enabled. These scripts are not malicious, but they do make changes to the System Registry.
hi again geek girl, I cannot download anything because I cannot get on line with the infected cpu. I cant put anything on a disk and put it on the cpu either beuause I cant use the d drive. I can open the registrey though, can i manually go into the registry and do anything to help the problem? I might have some reg software from old problems on the infected cpu, Ill check it out.
That particular fix is suppose to be for users who cant open any programmes hence your issue
Put it on a floppy
its a laptop, the only drive is the d drive. there is no place for a floppy.
when i go into the start menu then all programs, then start up, there is something called strings.exe, could this be part of the problem?

is strings.exe in start up bad? start/all programs/start up
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