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this is not my question its a noob in my class: i cant seem to have my background stay even though i do save it it just becomes a blue background
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Is it your personal computer? It sounds to me like a network administrator has setup the computers so that you can not change things (settings, backgrounds, etc...). This is normally only done at schools/offices, and if this is the case there is no way around it.

If you acquired this computer from a coporation or school it is possible this security was in place, and they simply did not remove it. If this is the case you will need to know the administrator password .
Hey its Damion here anyway that cant be the problem it is at school but are class is the network admin all of us have accssess to it scince we run call center and things of that nature and no evryone elses desktops save at first etzal (hes the noob) was seting it as background from the network deive wich on are network will make it reset so i had him try saving it to his documents and seting it from there then to the C drive neither of those worked
Ok, well seeing as you are from Ohio and therefore english is obviously your first language, I am going to have to ask that you use some punctuation, maybe check your spelling some. I can't begin to follow what you just said...something about saving it to your documents and not working :confused:

Just because you have can run programs like call center does not mean you have administrator access. If he sets an image as the desktop and it does not change, it is more than likely becuase the network administrator has disabled that. I have seen this in more than 1 place (offices and schools).
Is there a default background that is the same blue? If so it is the default and has to have admin access to change. (just as elf said)

If you are the admin it is probably either a setting u put there on accident, or it is an infection.
thats not what im saying elf because we run call center and have to fix network problems so are school set evry body in my lab as network administrators. and no thats the first thing i would think about it being default but default is the gay school logo, and we coulnt have made it where he coulnt because evry one else can set there backgrounds and they save but Etsal finaly got it to save so its all good

P.S~ i dont speek english i speek american
isnt english a high school requirement anymore?
we need a spell check here>
I've never did well with any of that and im still in houners clases
i hear u
so is my kid....gifted but couldnt grasp english
K well thanks for trying guys
I'm in almost every advanced class... i can handle them easily enough but i only did it for some one. (WOW dont make my mistake!) she is long gone now anyhow, i dont use proper english online... :/ I should, though.
do your best
sounds corny and cliche, but dont look back years from now thinking you could have "aced" that course.
i never had the opportunity to attend college, was 1 of 10 kids.. :laugh: :4-swords: :4-swords: :4-boxing: :4-boxing: :SHOCKED: :rippedhan :rippedhan
LMAO i love the smilys whosthat where did you get them, and yah that must suck not going to colage if you wanted to go im hoping to get into DeVry university the best computerschool in ohio way better then itt tech im majoring in webdesighn and programing and secondary majoring in game and simulation programing and applications, also i know a lot of people dont talk right on line the sad thing s im trying to, my gramer sucks and ive never got higher the a 22% on a spelling test
when you reply to a post the word "more" is under the initial smiley box. click on that and it opens a whole new world.

:jackson: :jackson:
:biggrinje oh yah im lovin it (thanks!) :4-cheers: :poundon: :4-toilet:

and i hate when this happens :downloadi
Wow Damion all that schooling and spelling still stumps you. Does ITT tech offer any remedial spelling/sentence structure classes you could enroll in. I do encourage you to ask in person since using a keyboard is not your forte. Good luck!!!
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