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Better processor or more memory... what's more important?

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After the devastating disaster of spilling water into my laptop, I am looking into purchasing the cheapest new one I can find...
We are looking for
-functionality of university studies
-some media but no gaming

I Have been looking at Dell (I now you all scorn) and they have two computers:
AMD Turion 64 but only 512MB for $699CAN
AMD Sempron with 1GB for $709CAN

Both the upgrade to a better processor or more memory is $50... So what should I do?

If you have any other suggestions of better deals please tell me but they must be this price.

Thank you!
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It depends on what you plan to do with the computer. What are the main things you want to be able to do? and how much at once?
Well... I need to be able to surf the net, looking for articles etc... mostly in quite large PDF format...

As far as 'media' goes, I would want to watch movies, have itunes and possible online video viewing. As well as photo storage and viewing...

I would want quite a few windows open at the same time for searching capabilities and comparison of PDF's. With itunes at the same time as well. Possibly a Word processing document too.

Thanks for the quick response, I think this is all I will be wanting to do.

Go for the highest spec and fastest processor.

Memory can usually be upgraded fairly easily by adding or changing memory modules.

A processor upgrade is usually basically impossibly on a laptop.


If you are willing to upgrade in the future, go with the Turion, but if you don't want to, go with the 1 GB of RAM. The Turion and the Sempron are almost the same thing, the Sempron just has a smaller L2 cache (and no SSE3 instruction set on older chips). What are the speeds? Overall, I think the 1 GB of RAM will make much more of a difference than a faster processor.
In this case I agree with Matt, go for the added memory over the faster CPU. Is this too much?
I like the laptop PanamaGal posted, I would go with that one.
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