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best webpage program

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What is the best, Make your own webpage program. I did make a
website 3 years ago with the buggy netscape tool. Because I
want to make a new one, A easy to make a webpage type
program...... P.S. My old webpage is still up
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Frontpage is an ok "easy" WYSIWYG editor .. it has limitations but defiantly wins the easy to create webpages on contest IMHO. But its really only good for creating static pages ... if your looking for dynamic content ... it kinda breaks down @ that point.
Front Page or Dream Weaver.

I'm still happy with notepad though. :)
danrak said:
I'm still happy with notepad though. :)

Your so dang Hard Core!! :eek:
DJ Specs said:

Your so dang Hard Core!! :eek:
No, it is just so simple. I do have problems with tables some times though. I still hate them. I also use PHP Coder for my PHP work. But I'm still learning PHP.
I use Coffee Cup and I love it.. it's simple , has great features including ftp and is inexpensive. You can also try a 45 day * I think* free trial...

Good luck... Note pad is great, I just hate all that typing! >:}
Notepad is good. All you do is cut and paste but if you want simplicity Frontpage is the way to go. Dreamweaver is also a good program. It shows you the html files as you go creating your site. Which is nice.:D
It will cost :money: or a good search on a decent peer to peer:no:...but overall...

the XM suite from Macromedia will give you the best solution

Flash MX ...put the anamation in

Fireworks MX...designs the buttons and manages your graphics

Dreamweaver MX....puts it all together

takes alittle time to learn but when you do....:clap: :clap:
Thing about Coffee Cup is it is only 50 bucks and isn't so tough to learn. That's what I startd out with when I was learning HTMl and just kinda stuck with it.. The other proggies are realy good, but not everyone can afford them. Course notepad is free..hahaha but with my bad typing I would never get a webpage done!!!!
I've started with coffecup too...not bad prog at all...but just few days ago I got dreamweavermx and I have been enjoying it doonz can fork over mulah...or do a search on p2p...or..PM the right people... oh..did I said that out loud ???? :shhhh!: :tongue2: :tongue2: :angel:
I use Namo WebEditor 5 (had version 4 for ages before that). Not so well known perhaps but works well once you get to know it. It's a bit like dreamweaver but alot less expensive.

It also writes code that makes pages look the same in IE, Netscape and Opera.
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