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Before i got my HP DV7 laptop, i had an old Toshiba, the only thing i liked about that terrible toshiba was that when i needed to change power consumption properties, i could fine tune

-screen brightness
-CPU usage
-and lots of other random cooling and usage features

with my new HP, i only have,
-battery saver

i am using battery bar so it shows me an estimate of how much time i have left (because HP dosent have thier own) and i was wondering if there is a anagment program like this? somthing to fine tune my computer battery usage, thanks guys,

and also, i want to get the HP Long Life battery, does it actually increase life as in time between charges, or battery lifespan,

because on thier website they say "regular batterys last 1-1 1/2 years, the new HP Long-Life batterys last up to 3 years"

so they are telling me total battery lifespan, but someone also mentioned that it made battery life between charges better to, can anyone confirm?

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Go to Start and type in "powercfg.cpl" (without the quotes) and press Enter
Click on the "Change plan settings link" to the right of the plan that the system is using.
In the next screen, click on the "Change advanced power settings" link.
Adjust the settings in there.

FWIW - the default settings should include a battery bar program that loads in your system tray.
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