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Best first person shooter?

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I have a fairly powerful computer and i want to get a first person shooter war game simply for online team vs team play, kill the most players to win kinda deal, counter-strike style i guess, and graphics ARE one of the biggest things for me. It must have basically the best graphics out of them all.

What game? Ive been looking into Homefront, it looks pretty good and it's the newest one so i assume it has the best graphics but i cant confirm that. The online play seems cool.

Im not sure about the level up thing tho as i am not a hardcore gamer, so i will not level up much, but i want to still be able to win.

Ideas of games?

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Hey mate,

Its an overhyped title at that, but I think Call of Duty should be good for you.

The graphics are modern and it has a good SP as well as an ok MP (Black Ops I mean).

However, if you want the real deal then I'd save some money for Battlefield 3 which looks like the best FPS I have seen but isn't out yet.

CSS is THE game for competitive FPS gaming, but the graphics are old (which is a good thing for it as it focuses on the game-play and it has longevity).

If you want realistic gameplay in a modern shooter like CoD, try Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It takes a bit of getting used to (i.e. the bullets drop and building explode), but it is a very good FPS.

Regarding Homefront, I don't really know what that game is like so I can't tell you what it is like.

Hope this clears it up,
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Battlefield 2 is a good choice, the graphics are acceptable but the teamwork is vital for success.

Battlefield 3 looks incredible and probably feels very smooth.

Team Fortress 2 is okay, but you may be swayed by the micro-transaction infestation in the game.

Call of Duty 2 is the best one in the series and will probably get you hooked.

I probably won't suggest Homefront, it looks like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Team Fortress mixed in a blender and it doesn't look pretty.

Crysis 2 looks nice and plays nice and feels nice but it feels like it lacks something in the multiplayer. This is only from the beta, but I am skeptical.

For realism, I would look to Project Reality, it is absolutely the most successful mod on Battlefield 2 and is probably the best "realistic" shooter out there. Headsets are mandatory and going "lone wolf" will get you killed instantly and then you have to wait 60 seconds to 10 minutes to respawn according to your activity. It has a huge learning curve and will require you to read around 100 pages of tutorial that comes with the mod.
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ebackhus said:
Goldeneye for the N64.
He said good graphics :p
I would recommend Crysis 2 for the graphics, but I share GoSuNi's skepticism about the multiplayer. Guess we'd have to wait for the full game to find out.
Yah Homefronts graphics aren't anything special, I would recommend Battlefield Bad Company 2
I actually bought battlefield bad company 2 that day without reading any of these xP But it looks like i made the right decision. It hasnt arrived yet so i can't speak from experience, but it got the best reviews on gamespot etc and is still a modern game so i get the combo of gameplay and graphics. Do the bullets drop, as in you should aim slightly higher?
They do, but that only really applies to long distances.

Sniping from afar is a lot harder now
As long as you can tell where the bullet hits so you can start judging it
Homefront does not have very good graphics, I believe its a step down from BFBC2.

Crysis 2 looks promising.

Personally i am a console gamer and love the classic COD 4 <3.
Crysis 1 had excellent graphics and 2 looks to be superb. I'm just afraid it'll kill most machines unless CryEngine3 is as tweaked as they claim.
I heard its supposed to be less of a resource hog then the first one.

Looks like it takes a little more ram.

Check if you can run both here: Can You Run It?
Crysis 2 coming out tomorrow. Played the demo and it was both very pretty and great fun.
I might get crysis 2. It does look pretty and fun. Whats this about a machine killer? Im protective of my machine
I heard its supposed to be less of a resource hog then the first one.

Looks like it takes a little more ram.

Check if you can run both here: Can You Run It?
Ah, SystemRequirementsLab, you so crazy! It said my PC fails because it was at least an 8800 or 3850 series video card. I have an overclocked 3870 but it only detected as a 3800.
Hmm u should be okay then? Almost upgrade time?
Well past it! My wife even has a better video card than me.
Got Crysis 2! It's amazing and definitely more tweaked than crysis 1. Running it on high on a 6850 real smooth so far. Might try very high. I'm gonna be gaming a lot this weekend. Got just cause 2 as well and its so much fun with a bunch of crazy awesome mods.
Played crisis 2 on ps3 the graphics are great .....if anything it's too detailed and busy for my liking ......blackops is my favorite at the moment but bad company 3 looks promising
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