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As i have just changed ISP, so i had to switch to another router.
Linksys BEFW11S4.
My network BEFW11S4 + 5port linksys switch + Linksys WAP54G.
All PCs (2x Win XP PRO), AP all connected to switch.

Router with latest firmware updated. 1.52.02
I have no problems configurating the router to online, DHCP, port triggering, forwarding...
But i do have this weird problem.
Once in awhile i will get disconnected and unable to online. (Client side)
For both computers will have this problem.
One of it is static another is DHCP ip.
Router still shows online, Modem still shows online.
But i cant access my router/no ping reply.
Only until 1-2 minute of being stoned then everything comes back online.
Any solutions. But i am still able to login to AP but not router for the few minutes. :4-dontkno
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