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Before reformatting 2GB RAM afterwards 512MB?

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When I recieved this desktop computer it was already used. It had nearly everything wiped clean off of it. However it was not formatted. Then later because, I decided to try Windows 7 on it, I erased all of the data. Is there some special kind of driver for the ram that I need to install? I have Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3.

Intel(R) Pentium(R) III CPU 1200 MHz
1.20 GHx, 512 MB of RAM.

I have experienced problems before, and as such have downloaded programs to export my full system specs. If they are required or would much aid in the solution to this problem please let me know.
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Boot into the Setup (Bios) and see how much RAM the computer is reporting. Also run the crucial system scanner which will tell you how much RAM you have.
I apologize for sounding completely inexperienced with computers but how would I go about doing that? Which selection would I make?
I apologize for sounding completely inexperienced with computers but how would I go about doing that? Which selection would I make?
In the BIOS, I mean.
I'm not sure what your asking, since I gave you 2 choices? If you want to enter Setup, you would restart your computer and press the key that comes up on your screen to Enter Setup. What is your computer manufacturer? Every bios is different. This key could be the Del, F1, F2 or F10 key. Or you can run the crucial system scanner
Well, see, currently the Antenna for my Windows XP desktop is broken so I have no access to the internet on that computer unless I tether from my Android device. I am debating about whether or not to do so. Since restarting the computer seems dramatically simpler, I will do so. Then go into the BIOS. My computer is manufactured by Dell.
For a Dell computer, as soon as the computer reboots, press the F2 key to enter Setup.
I was in the BIOS. The keyboard did not function or power while I was in the BIOS. Give me a minute to tether an internet connection to run the Crucial System Scanner.
Alright so I finally set up the internet and used the tool. It said that depending on the OS it will recognize a certain amount of RAM memory. It says I only have 512MB but I KNOW for a FACT that it had 2GB before I reformatted it.
what is your initial question,you were running xp with 2g of ram,you later installed windows 7 and you now see only 512mb of ram,is this correct?
No I had originally 2GB of RAM when I was running WindowsXP.
Then I installed Windows 7 and wiped the system clean of anything from the previous installation. I then being to lazy to find a fix for a graphical error installed WindowsXP again. This time, I only have 512MB of RAM.
Did you have the tower opened at any stage?,when you installed windows 7 how much ram was been recognized after the install
I have but I don't think I've touched the RAM at all! Just the CD-Reader I honestly can't tell you how much RAM Windows 7 recognized as that was quite a while back.
OK I take it you have to sticks of ram in your tower ,1g sticks?,power off your machine,remove 1 stick of ram,restart your machine,go to properties,see now what is been
Your computer is only recognizing 512 MB of RAM. What is the model of your Dell Computer? What did the Crucial Scanner say about your slots? How many slots are there, did it say you have 1x 512MB stick? What did the scanner say is the maximum amount of RAM the motherboard will support? Shut down the machine and pull out the RAM sticks and verify what they are. When you put them back in, Make sure they are thoroughly plugged in and they are recognized in the Bios when you boot back up.
Thanks guys, but as I am a bit tired I'll try this stuff tomorrow when I have time.
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