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Become a game tester

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I'm really interested in becoming a game tester.
I've never done it before and know very little about where to get started. I've browsed through various sites on the internet, but they require a joining fee and such.
I have no real experience other than loving to play games and am eager to get started.
Any suggestions?
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I did a games test for Team17 about 3 years ago, it's around the corner from my house.
I was speaking to one of the guys there, and was told me that unless it's a massive games company, companys don't usually hire games testers, they just get people in for a couple hours for free to test them out. Even with the big companys he says it's a hard thing to get into.

As for a joining fee to become a games tester, I wouldn't do that, seems very dodgey does that.
How old are you? Do you have any Qualifications that would help you out towards becoming a GT?
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