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Battlefield2 help on my laptop

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Please Help me, I have a laptop with

1.7ghz intel pentium m
ati radeon 9700pro 128mb
1024mb ram
2.2mbs internet connection

I am having problems, Im playing with all the settings on low, I start playing and all is running fine then the computer gets slower and slower and the game starts
lagging but all of a sudden its gone again, this happens every 5min or so, I have done virus scans, adware, defragmented, anyone please got any solutions?
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Are your video drivers up to date? What kind of RAM do you have and how fast is your hard drive (5400RPM, 7200RPM)? That game is really demending on the computer. It could also be that your processor or GPU are a little too slow for it.
You'll never get it to run well on that laptop, it's too underpowered.
Its just strange it works fine for a while then all of a sudden lags out,then goes back to running normal, is there anything that might be causing that? How do you find out your hard drive speed?
get the latest catalyst drivers from current ones are catalyst 5.8 and after those are installed it should run fine without lagg try it and let me know.

PS:the laptop isnt too underpowered and should be able to run it just fine we will see
Im currently using omega drivers, do i have to uninstall them before installing the new 5.8 drivers?
To find out how fast your hdd is, I'd just google your laptop make and model, and figure out what kind of drive comes built in. And yes, you should probably uninstall the Omega drivers before you install the (much more stable) Catalyst drivers. Also, do you have Automatic Updates, a virus program, or any unneccesary programs or services running in your background? If you have a virus program like AVG or Nero installed, it might kick in every now and then in order to be using "real-time protection". Real-time protection, my a$$! Virus programs SUCK!!! I'd do a quick check to see what's starting up with your computer by going to Start > Run > "msconfig" > Startup. Then, I'd uncheck any programs that you'd prefer to not be running at your computer's startup. Good luck! See you in Battlefield 2! :grin: (P.S. my username is codeMONARCH)
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Hi all

I have a 3.2 Gig P4 Sony laptop tried to stick BF2 on it but at install it just fails. I tried because I was having a problem with my PC and could not use it for a while. All sorted now so it's

Welcome back to Duty !!!!

omega drivers wont work for BF2 thats the problem, i tried too cause they are better :sayyes:

Yes uninstall them or use driver cleaner ( to get writ of them and then install the catalysts. You can over install but i dont recommend it with Omega drivers cause thers some other stuff attached to them.

Once the catalyst drivers are installed u should be able to play
i cant find my video driver, when i try to install cat 5.8 it says cant find video driver, please install a standard vga driver, where would i get that from can some1 please help!

iv got a ati radeon mobility 9700 128mb
right click on my computer
go to properties
then hardware
device manager
display adapters
double click the first one of the 2(if there are 2)
go to driver
press uninstall and follow onscreen instructions to uninstall
then reboot
and install the catalyst 5.8 drivers

let me know if it works now
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all sorted, thanx for the help, are there any other major tips with making the computer run better? got spyware, virus etc recomend what page file i should have with 1gb of ram?
Your pagefile should probably be a system-managed size. Two factors that determine the performance of virtual memory while using intense applications or games: 1) It is good if the pagefile is on a different drive that that which your games/applications are installed on. 2) The faster the hdd, the better the performance. If one of your drives is 5500 rpms while the other is 7200, you should use the faster drive (unless, of course, the games are installed on that drive. If you should choose to set a custom pagefile size, then I would recommend that it is between 200 and 500 mb.
you cant tell someone how much their page file should be, it all depends on the space they have on their hard drive or the total space, i have about 3gigs of page file on a 120gb
Does your laptop overheat at all. That can cause the random problems sometimes.

I would also look at your bios drivers, see if they need updating. I had a similar problem with a few games before, and that's what fixed it for me.
how do you find out if you bois needs updating, Iv got a tiny laptop, so as you might know they went into administration so i cant get any help from them, can any1 help me with this?
by the way yes my laptop does get very hot, is there anything i can do about that?
for over heating issues, make sure when your gaming its placed on a desk.
There is fan tablets you can buy for around 20$ that have fans that go under your notbook which will cool it off alot.

Besides that i would say thers nothing else to do

have fun gaming
Ive just been and purchased a akasa notebook cooler, it works now battlefield runs with any lag and my nottebook really does feel a lot cooler, I so happy it works!!!!
good to hear and glad u got it running

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