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Battlefield 2 Graphics problems.

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Hey guys, im new to the forums, i was just wondering if some of you can help.
OK heres the problem, well, battlefield 2 is simply not running smoothly, im pretty sure my pc can handle it, thats the problem. I tried lowering all the graphics to Medium, its still not up to speed, by default, the game sets my graphics to [email protected], and all the fx to high.
my specs are as follows:
-1gigs of ram @ dual channel
-240GB of hdd space
-2 DVD writers 16X
-Inno3d 6800 GT Overclocked to 6800 Ultra.
Any help is welcome, thanks all.
PS: one more thing, the game isnt an original, lets be honest :p
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Do you have the latest drivers for your gfx card? What kind of memory do you have?
I have the same problem.

Is the DVD-Rom required for the game to run smooth?

Memory: 768MB RAM
Celeron 1.80GHz
Nvidia GeForce 5700LE 128mb
80gig and 60gig Hard Drive
Yes i dled the latest drivers for my fx card, and i have 2x512 ddr400 ram.
The weird thing is, i played 1 game, at 50 fps constats at HIGHEST settings, and then i lowered shading and lighting, fps went down, then i lowered more, and it went down further. It seems as tho everytime i start a game over, the fps goes down, as far as 1-2 :/
use the nvidia drivers included on the battlefield install cd those should run it ... dvd-rom isnt required unless u got the dvd edition my dvd-rom reads the cd slower then the 52x drive so no need for it unless u got the dvd edition
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