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Bar on desktop

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Hey Guys please help me out.
Out of the blue this bar showed up on my desktop and I can't get rid of it.
The bar stays on the left side and has the links FOLDER TASKS,
It's like if I was on my computer but on my desktop.
All my desktop icons including my Trash can vanish.
I already restart my computer and tried system restore.
I include a picture of how it looks.
Please help.
Thanks in advance.


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Check your desktop settings

Right Click Desktop --> Properties --> Desktop Tab --> Customize Desktop --> Web Tab

Uncheck whatever is checked in the Web Pages pane.
Didn't work

Thanks for the help. But the bar still stuck there.
Let me know if you came up with something else.
Thanks a lot.
Just a thought, have you tried going into display properties and turning off the wallpaper?
If you right click on the bar itself does it give you any kind of a menu?
I did try turning of the wallpaper and the bar still there. I also tried to right click on the bar but nothing happens.
Thanks guys.
It's interesting, never saw anything quite like that happen. :D You somehow have the web view junk on the desktop. Did you try turning off Active Desktop and see if that kills it?
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