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Bad_Pool_Header and Context: MSI Action Failed

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Hi: I am getting Bad_Pool_Header page and then have to shut down my computer. I don't know what to do. It has Stop Tech Info:
Ox00000019, 0x000000Z0, 0xE7B1F468, 0xE7B2F488, 0x0C040601 Please please help me
Thanks so much
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Hi Betsy,

Welcome to the forum! :wave:

That's normally associated with a bad driver. Can you boot into SAFE MODE? If so, go to START>SETTINGS>CONTROL PANEL>SYSTEM>HARDWARE and then click on the DEVICE MANAGER button. In there you will see a list of your system components. See if there are any devices showing up with errors. If you see any highlighted items (exclamation point near an item), you can try right-clicking on it and select "update driver".

There are a few other things we can try as well. Let me know what you find from the above procedure and we'll go from there.

What have you done to the system recently, or just before this happened?

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