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bad pool caller

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how do i stop this blue screen off death/// only happens when on firefox.. :S
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Plz jot down the Stop Error when you reiceve the BSOD and post it back here.
Also post your system specifications
To give some more insight to my problem... till I get a bsod ... I can play all my games for hours on end... No problem ... I can download torrents for days no problem... But when I surf the net between 1-2 hours crash bsod...

Driver up to date, no viruses, spy ware, ad ware, or error on the hard drive, all hard drives have been defragged...

I have pc specs
3200 64bit @ 2.4
Msi mobo latest bios
x800pro @ 510/1040 (16pipe lines)
1 GB or 400 MHz ram
80gig HD windows
40gig HD drivers and software
300gig HD game drive
250gig HD movie drive

I recently read some ware in the net that BAD_POOL_CALLER is an usb problem... so installed all drivers to devices that I was unsure of not having drivers..
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Thank you for the added information but you did not supply the BSOD Stop Error as asked
like i said i will when i get one...
how do i stop this blue screen off death/// only happens when on firefox.. :S
If you truely feel that Firefox is causing this you could experiment and try to recreate the error. One way would be use IE or another browser for a few days and see if it blue screens, then revert back to Firefox and await again. :smile:
0x000000c2 (0x00000003, 0x84b4c148, 0x86ea8000, 0x86ea7fc0)
Although this link does not give a resolution it helps to get closer to the issue.
Plz look it over and examine the Stop error parameters. post back the Parameter 1 information

It also states to use the Debugging tool, and create a user dump file.
Can you please make note of the full BSoD you received, including if there's any mention of xxxx.sys, which will be a driver. The coding for these errors is generic. It can be for numerous things and this would help us troubleshoot it better.

1: Provide the minidump analysis
2: Test your RAM with Memtest86 and Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.
3: Check your temps, voltages, fan speed with Sensors View.
4: Run the Driver Guide Toolkit to see which drivers are flagged.

In order to get these details please do the following:

Go to start | search (type in) .dmp
Note the location of your .dmp files.
If there are no .dmp files then Search for: minidump
Remember this location and the path that leads to it.

(OR my way is Goto C:\WINDOWS\Minidump and then search if it has files in it)


1) Download and install the Debugging Tool from Microsoft

All you need do is download and install this. Make no attempt to start or run it.

2) Download and install this debugwiz

This is a DOS based batch file that will command the above Microsoft Tools.

3) Open the Wiz & Browse to, or paste in the path to, your .dmp file.

4) After the Wiz creates a Text document attach it back to this thread.

Here's how to interpret this data for yourself try here first:
*Download Memtest86, burn the downloaded ISO image file onto a CD using software such as Nero and the reboot your system with the CD inside.
*When it restarts, on the first black screen (POST) press F8 (some may be F4) and it'll give you a boot from menu.
*Choose boot from CD-ROM as the first bootable drive and hit enter.
*Then Memtest should run and display its screen. Give it 3-4 hours or so and let it run. See if any and how many errors show up.

*Downlaod and run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

These are testing you RAM, the first hardware to show corruptions as such.
Download and run Sensors View and report back the temperatures, fan speeds and voltages.
Download and run Driver Guide Toolkit 2.0 and see what it shows yellow flags against.
Let us know what you get.
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