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I want to find a freeware backup program that does fully automated backups. I currently have a backup-set in NTbackup, however, a lot of the time when I go to restore the backup, I get an error message that says "Contains un-recognizable file types." I am not sure why I am getting this. Are there any good backup programs, that might even be able to use my .bkf set from NTbackup? Even if they don't thats okay, I just want a little more reliablility for not a whole lot of money. :smile:
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Hi kurtpopovich and welcome to TSF !

If you want to backup the whole drive then use DriveImage. You can use the task scheduler to run it automatically.
Here is a list of free backup programs. Perhaps you will find what you want among them.


Imaging and Cloning utlities - Elvandil, TSG, 5-08

Free Drive Cloners/Imagers:

****** Disk Copy (Copies disks or partitions)
CloneZilla GParted LiveCD (Complete partitioning and drive imaging/restoration tools)
Partition Saving
PCI CloneMaxx
Drive Image XML
copyr.dma (Copies disk with bad sectors for recovery)
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thank you all for your support....I really was looking for a program maybe similar to backupexec or NTBackup. I don't need an entire partition, just selected folders within it.
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