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All I use for security is running AVG 9.0 once a week.

1) Is that enough?
2) Is AVG 9.0 still valid?

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AVG 9.0 is outdated, you should download the latest version from here:

An AntiVirus alone is not usually enough to protect your computer, for security advice I suggest you read the following article: PC Safety and Security - What Do I Need?
On a related note, everytime I go to google and click on a search item link, I get directed to a wrong page.

Examples of pages/messages I receive on the page I get directed to:

"The webpage "" cannot be found"
"You are today's lucky visitor. Claim your prize"

There are many other examples.

I always go back and try the link again and it always works the second time.

Does anyone else have that problem? Is it something I should be worried about? Besides that, I have no issues with my computer. It runs normally.
I would say that you are infected.

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