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Hey everyone,

I'm fairly new to pivot tables and I'm trying to figure out some things for my boss. But I need to be more fluent in pivot tables to be confident that I will be able to answer her questions when I go to the meeting, which I will let her know when to call.

What I'm trying to do is to average grouped data.

I have an XLS file that has:
Salesperson - name
Order ID - unique ID
Order Date - specific day
Country Origin - US and UK

I set up a pivot table that has a page field of Country Origin. For the rows I have salesperson and order date, grouped into quarter and month, respectively. So for every sales person it shows their sales by month grouped into quarters. There is a total for each salesperson at the end of each salesperson and I have it set to average, by default it gives the average of day by day sales and I would like an average of month by month sales, since I have it grouped that way it doesn't make much sense to give an average day by day.

Is it possible to average based on a grouped field?

Attached is a PNG of the first person showing the average is averaging the day to day sales rather than what I have grouped them by, month by month or even quarter.

Average month by month it seems that the average should be $5732.69 or $5732.68, however you round it.

I would like to get this average without going into the excel spreadsheet or DB and adding a new field that stores by month sales.


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