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I am new to this forum. I hope that I will get a good
support from all of you and will support to my best.
To start with, I am posting this question...

I have an excel sheet which has macros and after running
the macros, it will populate the worksheets with data
and charts will get updates. Now after this, I will open
up the word document which has links to the excel sheet
having charts, data and I will update the link.

Now, Can anyone please help me in automating this stuff.
I would like to have a front end page for this project.
I am trying to develop ASP.NET page which will call the excel
sheet and macros has to be executed in load event of excel sheet.
Also, I am not able to link the data/chart in excel to word.

My end result should be as follows
I want to open the word document showing the data, chart from the excel sheet after clicking submit button from ASP.NET page.

Any help would be appreciated.

Shyam Jayaprakash
sjayaprakash at inautix dot com
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