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autofs issue

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I need to do a task in autofs. I will explain a scenario

We have configured our nfs mounts with global autofs file.

/proj/results is getting mounted through autofs which is defined in auto.proj.

Now I need to mount one directory under /proj/results with another filesystem from autofs.

like /proj/results/dev shuld be mount with filere3:/vol/vol10.

is it possible?

auto.proj file looks like as follows:

test1 -rw,hard,intr vixen:/vol/vol8/&
testcases filer2:/vol/vol2/testcases
results_epd filer2:/vol/vol5/epd
xtools filer2:/vol/vol4/xtools
dsv_xhd filer2:/vol/vol7/&
results filer2:/vol/vol5/ipsd

Thanks & regards,
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