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Autocad 2.0 and Outlook not playing nicely with each other

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I know that there is all kinds of documentation saying that AutoCad and Outlook don't like each other but I am hoping that somebody can help me out.

Currently installed autocad 2.0 onto my XP with outlook 1.1. Now I can't check my e-mail or launch outlook. If I have outlook running and then install the autocad it closes outlook.

If somebody could help me out I would really appreciate it. If there is help to be had of course.

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Hi bheinz24

AutoCAD 2.0 was originally released in October of 1984. Windows XP was released late in 2001. I'm not sure which version of Outlook you are referring to as "1.1", but by golly it has evidently long since slipped away from my memory [along with a great many other things :)] . . .

Since so many years separate your mixture of programs, it is normal to expect some trouble. Are you able to use the program much? If yes, that's a tribute to Windows XP's "Virtual DOS Machine". Your best bet on trying to help the Virtual DOS Machine get AutoCAD 2.0 to behave is to look at Microsoft's Troubleshooter for that ---

If the Outlook version you refer to is a Win95/98/Me 16-bit version, try using XP's Compatibility Mode to help isolate it's activity [which might help keep conflicts from developing] ---

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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