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Autobackup error report freezes computer

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I am getting a task bar message that warns of high memory usages by autobackup. Size is 1.191 gig. Then I get a new dialog box on the desktop that advises there is an autoback error report that is blank and I have to reboot. I heve uninstalled the program and reinstalled and now have version installed with no change. I got the original program with a Seagate external HDD


I forgot to attach last autolog files...I think the file was uploaded


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Hi hal eisenberg and welcome to TSF.

Has this only just started to become an issue or is it an on-going situation? If it has just only recently started to happen, do you have an anti-virus program installed that may be scanning all attached devices and maybe slowing down the process whilst increasing CPU usage.
Is the backup program set to a certain time of the day, or is it constantly running when the external HDD is plugged in?
Have you ever used a third party program as your backup program instead of the Seagate Autobackup?

The text file you attached in the other thread didn't have any data in it.
Hi Hal, and welcome to TSF.

Please continue with all posts regarding this issue kept within one thread. Kindly use the "Quick Reply" box found at the bottom of this thread. If attachments are needed use the "Go Advanced" feature found under the reply box.

I did have Novastor installed at one time - 6/2008 - but uninstalled it when I bought the Seagate that had the memeo product on it. There still is a registry entry for the software. Should I delete the registry entry?

According to the Novastor site, there may be entries located in these 2 areas:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\current control set\services\nsservice


Delete All traces of NovaBACKUP including:
\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NovaStor\ \Program Files\NovaStor\

Found that information here.

Reboot once you have deleted any trace of the old program and then try another backup. If it's still an issue try another backup program. There are some very good free ones out there.

Let us know how you get on.
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Thank you. I shall do so. Another program (now uninstalled) was Logitech VID which seemed to ba a memory hog. I never used it (Skype is good enough) I have my Memeo settings as continuous. If I do the autobackup as a twice a day thing, shouldn't that save some memory too?

Thank you
Just out of interest, why are you backing up twice a day? It's a good thing don't get me wrong as most people don't bother paying enough attention to doing backups, and then wonder why they loose their data sometime down the road. Do you have a decent amount of RAM to be having the program running in the background as well?
I have 4 gig of RAm. I had been getting a high CPU usage warning and thought it might be beneficial. I am very comfortable with leaving autobackup running in the background and doing its backup thing as files are saved. I have tried to dump the memory hogs running in the background (like Logitech VID).
I would just set you backups to work when you are off of the computer, like when you are sleeping etc. If you no longer need Logitech VID then uninstall it.
I'm one of those guys that turn off the computer totally but could easily become convinced to leave it on and quit totally just once a week or so. Not sure how I set the preferences for the overnight backup... Thanks
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