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Auto thermostatic fan powersupply

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Just built new system:
MSI 845PE Max2
2.53 P4
1 gig Samsung memory
200 gig WD SE harddrive
Plextor 48/24/48
250 Zip Internal
Wanted to beef up the powersupply from 300 watt to 420 watt.
Went with a TTGI smart fan (auto thermostatic). Could not get system to boot. Does anyone have input on the "smart fan" design? Do I need to plug one of the p/s connections to the mobo? Out of fear of damaging the mobo or cpu, I reinstalled the working 300w p/s until I figure the problem out. I probably should have gone with a better brand name powersupply?
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The smart fan aspect shouldn't affect anything that you can change, it's just a sensor that controls the fan speed based on temperature in the P/S. If you are sure you had everything connected properly, my guess is a bad P/S.
P/S update

Thanks for the quick response!
I took a deep breath, started over and "concentrated" on the task at hand.
Power supply installed flawlessly just like the good ones do!
Lesson can't multi-task when you are plugging and unplugging stuff...duh.
I am glad I upgraded the p/s, and this one is a quiet one even!
Now on to installing all those apps and other hardware...
Best and warmest regards,
MSI 845PE Max2
2.53 cpu
1 gig Samsung mem
200 gig WD SE
Plextor 48x24x48 cdrw
250 Zip
Epson 2450 Photo scanner
HP LaserJet 4L
HP 5550 Photo printer
HP Scanjet 6100C scanner
Firewire for video capture and editing
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