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Auto-run lockup

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I'm not sure if this is where this really should go but heres the problem I've been having. I just built a new computer and for some reason when I put in a disc and it tries to autorun my computer locks up. I mean nothing will work mous, keyboard, so I have to hard restart and if i leave the cd in it will work after restart. It seemed to begin doing this after I installed PowerDVD and I also have Nero installed so I thought it was a conflict between the two of those and uninstallded PDVD and took any rements out of the registry. However the computer still continues to lock up and I'm out of ideas.

Any suggestions?

And if you would like any more info just ask and I'll oblige.
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Hi cainmosozihcs

I'd suspect Nero might have a hand in this as well. Try uninstalling it, then reinstalling PowerDVD, then reinstalling Nero. Make sure that the versions of each are reasonably recent, as earlier versions of these programs can be incompatible with Windows XP.

Check in your EventViewer logs, too - for more details on the reasons for the system failures. Start/Control Panel/Performance and Maintenance/Administrative Tools/EventViewer. To view the Details for an Event, right-click the item in the log, and select "Properties".

Make sure you have the correct IDE drivers installed, too. These are usually on the CD that came with your motherboard, or you can download them from the motherboard manufacturer's website.

From time-to-time, symptoms such as you are seeing are due to a faulty optical drive. If you have another drive around, you can simply try it for a bit & see if the freeze symptoms vanish.

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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