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I just bought the SteelSeries Arctis 9X and listening to music via bluetooth was fantastic on my laptop. I use amazon music and it had very good quality when using the "Speakers (SteelSeries Arctis 9X Headset Stereo.)" I then tried to play COD Warzone, my music stopped and I had to switch my audio output to "Headset Earphone (SteelSeries Arctis 9X Hands-Free AG Audio.)" Doing so made the audio complete crap but I could hear my game and the music. Also, according to my buds, my mic was awful as well, cutting in and out. I played like this, the audio of the game (gunshots, footsteps), voice chat, and my music were really poor quality. I used the sound control panel, made the playback default device the speaker SteelSeries, and the recording default device the hands free audio (the other one wasn't a choice.) I made sure the settings matched in the game & in battlenet, I'm 99% certain I did that stuff right. How do I get the crisp audio quality I had earlier while listening to music in game as well? Oh also, I had no audio whatsoever until I switched the output device to the hands-free audio while warzone was open. If it was closed, I could use the speakers one and had good quality. I bought the headset earlier today brand-new. Any tips or info would help, is it because I'm using Bluetooth? I could use a headphone jack between my headset and PC if that would help? Or I also saw in the headset's manual I could use some kind of wireless connect like the Xbox on my windows 10 laptop. Please help and ask for any more info needed to help! Thanks in advance!
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