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Audio Microphone Integrated?

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Hey just wanted to enquire regarding about an issue that has recently arised. Whenever I use any program that requires a microphone (eg. Skype, Ventrilo etc) that is from a headset it appears that the receiver can additionally listen to any noise that I'm supposed to hear.

Let me reiterate that more clearly, I'm using a headset with a microphone, during a Skype session the receiver can hear everything I'm hearing privately from my headsets :S

I've tried every combination when plugging the mic and speaker inputs in the 3 rear holes and the 2 front holes for mic and speaker specifically.

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The receiver (basically being the person you're talking to) can hear anything that's directly into your MIC - such as talking, screaming, etc. It cannot, however, listen to things you play from your computer such as music because it actually mutes your mic when you're playing music (so I've found out). Might just be, but I dunno.

Good luck.
I did a pretty poor explanation of my issue so sorry about that. What I meant was that usually a microphone would only pick up noises that go into the mic, whereas in my situation what I hear is being transmitted to the person I am talking to, for example, Skype.

eg. I'm watching a movie with my headphones whilst having a conversation with someone on Skype and they can hear me (which is normal) additionally they can clearly (and loudly) hear what I am watching (not normal :S).
List your it laptop or desktop.

if desktop what Specs if laptop what brand and model.
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