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Audigy SE boot problems?

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This has been happening on every reinstall I do since about 3 weeks after i got this card.

My audigy SE only boots with the system if I disconnect power and let the PSU clear before turning it on. It's not a big deal but I can't figure out why it does this.

To confirm the card doesn't boot, while in windows the drivers are still running, and playing songs still works (bars move, no sound though.)

And just recently, when this happens, I now get a B.S.O.D. when shutting down windows if the card did not boot. It talks about a stop error? :4-dontkno
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Try it in another PCI slot and see if this happens. Also, post the exact STOP error from the BSOD. And post if you get any errors durring POST (go into the BIOS and disable "quiet boot" to reveal any messages that don't show anyway) or any system beeps when you try and boot with the card in.
have tried in other pci slots, forgot to mention that along with that other pci cards work in the slot i put the sound card it.

and i have no system speaker... did not get one with my case or mobo. have not bothered to get one since.

but my bios is set to stop on all errors and boots without problem.

and the stop error just says "#ID (card on the bus) has failed to stop safely, windows has been halted"

and this hapens during "windows is shutting down"

any ideas anyone?

the card's older than warranty so i can't replace it.
Sorry, I missed your response. If I miss it again and don't reply in 24 hours, send me a PM.

Try the card in another computer, and see if it makes the other computer have problems boot up.

Just to clarify, at what point in the boot process does the computer stop and fail?
it doesn't...

just the card doesn't boot

so i get the visuals of all sounds playing with no actual sound...
What do you mean by "just the card doesn't boot"? I'm not sure what you are saying.
well.... the card doesn't come online?

won't show in device manager, etc etc etc...

it DOES work if i reset the PSU prior to booting (turn switch off no power for about 5 sec)
I see what you are saying. And it does the same thing in other PCI slots. Hmm... Try clearing the CMOS and see if it works.
bios has been cleared several times, yes it does this in other slots...

it's like unless i to the power supply thing, that the card doesn't get any power on boot?
Boot up, but don't reset the PSU so it won't find the card. Go into the BIOS, and see if you can find the card detected there.
i did... it's not...

hey you got xfire? that'd be alot easier than waiting for fourms?
I am thingking this might be a PSU thing. You should try a quality PSU in this computer that has a higher power output. You could also try removing 2 other expansion cards that aren't necessary for boot and see if it detects it in the BIOS.

I don't have Xfire, but since it is the weekend, I will regularly be checking the forums pretty much from 12:00 noon untill 12:00 midnight (eastern time), so if you post in that that time period, I will see the thread pretty quickly.
Tried that a few moments ago.... both with and without the reset...

without it did not work, with it did...
Are there any LEDs on the card? Can you verify that it receives power even though it is not detected?

Also, does it force you to reset the PSU on a warm boot (reboot after being on) as well as a cold boot (turning the computer on after being off)?
no possible indication.... and i don't have a voltometer.

and this happens on both warn and cold boots.

it won't recover it on a warm boot, nor cold boot

also if it works (sometimes) from a cold boot, it doesn't always work on a warm boot.
Well, I consulted with 8210GUY, and we both agree that the PSU is a likely cause of the problem. I think you should try swapping it out with a different one. Also, post the specs of this computer, including the specs of the current PSU, which can be found on the side of it. Use this as a guide.
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