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My setup:

WindowsXP Professional (SP1)
P4 2.8G (800FSB).
Asus P4C800 Deluxe.
512MB Geil PC3500 DDRAM (Twin Sticks - Dual Channel).
Radeon 9800 (Catalyst 3.8) connected via DVI to SharpZ10000 Home Theatre Projector.
Matrox Millenium G450 (PCI) connected via DVI to Samsung 172W Widescreen Flat Panel.
Audigy2 Platinum-Ex with latest drivers connected to my Harman Kardon DD/DTS Amplifier via Optical cable.
Sony DVD-R/RW with latest firmware
Powerstrip 3.46 with display profiles for SharZ10000 (1280X720) and Samsung 172W (1024X768).
UltraMon (Monitor Switching software)

I recently bought the Matrox G450 Video card to run DVI to my new Samsung Flat Panel monitor, as I was tired of using my projector for basic computing (email etc), especially during the day when I have light control issues.
When I start a DVD using the Matrox G450 connected to the flat panel monitor (set as 'Primary' in Display properties), the Dolby Digital sound is badly 'stuttered' and 'choppy' in an intermittent, regular fashion. The only way to get the sound corrected is to output the sound via Analogue Soundcard settings on my Audigy/PowerDVD software. This issue does not exist when I set my Radeon 9800 connected to the projector to 'primary' in display properties? The Dolby Digital sound is clear and the way it should be.
There are no conflicts in 'Device Manager' and all drivers are loaded correctly. Interesting to note that when the Matrox G450 is selected as 'primary' in windows display properties, there is an error on windows start-up, telling me that the ATI control panel could not be started as the drivers didn't seem to be installed? When I change the 'primary' display to the Radeon 9800, then I can access the ATI control panel? Too strange!
It seems that the graphics card, or Audigy2 that's causing this issue, however there are no indications that there are windows problems related to conflicts or drivers?
I was told that Windows would not have any issues as long as the graphics cards were different, and they are certainly that!
I've even tried changing the BIOS Graphics boot priority to preference either PCI/AGP, however this has not helped solve the problem.

I know that it's pretty easy to change the graphics card display properties in windows (primary or otherwise), however I was under the impression that I could run both graphics cards without these issues?

All help appreciated.
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