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Attention Dell Optiplex owners-At least

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Dell bought and rolled out a WHOLE lot of bad Maxtor drives.... if you have a Maxtor Drive in your Optiplex (thats all they are admitting to :4-thatsba ) check with tech support and be friendly but agressive to see if you drive might be bad...they just fail... There is also (again what they are admitting to) a problem with capacitors on the motherboard if you system goes to sleep in the middle of working on it...that is not normal.... or if it goes to a steady yellow blinking light and wont re-power until you pull the plug and wait a few seconds...the motherboard is going....if it doesnt boot..MB or Power supply is dead... :dead:

I have aproximatley 5000 PC of various types and 700+ bad hard drives and 60+ motherboards are effected. Kicker is Dell wont bring this to your attention it took our boss to inquire why our retuned parts are going through the roof to start the investigation for Dell to say...OH yeah...there might be a problem...three months later the saga continues :rippedhan :poundon:
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Unoffical update...The hard drive issue is not exclusive to 270 it appears to run through the whole Optiplex line...and it is not exclusive to to appears to effect Maxtor SATA :deveous:

Or rumors and a little birddie have told me!! Couldn't be my high rate of returns :4-dontkno
I've had the same problems with this type of machine. Mobo broke, HD broke.

Where did you get your information that this would be a defect going through the whole series... I'd like to know more about it.
Have over 5000 PC's and were unoffically as in "Dell wont put anything on paper" advised about 1000 are effected... if you press tech support hard enough and nice enough they should give you more information as they are aware of it... think of the cost to Dell if they come out and recalled all thoes the less people that know the more they can chock up to a random occurances and replace only what is found out about!! If it fails out of warranty... :4-thatsba
I have a bunch of Optiplex 260's at my work. We have had a batch of bad power supplies. If you ever unplug them or loose power, there is about a 50-50 chance they will come back on. If not, the power switch glows amber and you have to replace the power supply. :5-censore

We have replaced 100's of these at my work before Dell finally admitted there "may be a problem". :eek:

Once again, nothing official on paper.
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