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atimcenc.dll keeps crashing explorer...

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Explorer has been crashing since I bought this PC. It came with an ATI GPU, which I immediately uninstalled and swapped for an XFX 8400gs. The problem seems to only occur when I am opening Media files, ie movies, music and pictures. Is there a quick fix for this, as the only solution I have found is to reinstall the ATI drivers (which is not an option cos I dont have the card no more).
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Have you tried option three here ?
If you don't know which program is causing this problem, you can remove atimcenc.dll from the list of installed codecs by unregistering it.

Note: Disabling atimcenc.dll will cause any programs that depend on the codec to stop working or lose functionality.
Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.
At the command prompt, type regsvr32 /u atimcenc.dll, and then press ENTER. atimcenc.dll is now unregistered.
yep. Got this...

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Where is the dll located on your pc ?
C:\Program Files\Common Files\ATI Technologies\Multimedia
Have you already done this ?
Go start run type cmd press enter, type (or paste in)
cd "C:\Program Files\Common Files\ATI Technologies\Multimedia"
press enter (include those quotes) type
regsvr32 /u atimcenc.dll
and press enter once again.
Perhaps another idea is to uninstall any mention of ati from addremove programs, i assume you already have ?.
and yes, I removed all traces of ATI before I re-installed Windows after I got the PC. It was delivered, I removed all peripherals and uninstalled, re-installed Windows and then Installed all the hardware I wanted in it with the right drivers.
Boggles me what this could be.
Appears you didnt include the cd part of that one line
Aaahhh, yes. Done it now and it says it succeeded. Is that it sorted?
Let us know if you see that error or not over the next few days.
It seems to have stopped happening in the situations originally described, so thankyou for the great advice!! Thers plenty for me to learn still, I recently decided I should get some sort of qualification for the knowledge I'd already amassed over the years. Im halfway through my A+ course after 2 weeks now (220-601 and 220-602). I might as well get a career out of it, saves slaving over a hot stove forever.
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