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ATI x700 compatibility with 915g

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The problem:
I keep getting all these wonderful colored striped patterns sporadically. It happens at any time, prior to windows boot, during windows boot and after windows boot. Sometimes I can use the system for a while and sometimes it immediately goes crazy.

Dell 4700 (I know I know but Intel was giving everyone $1000 bucks to spend at Dell online, what was I gonna say no?)
1.5 gig ram
ATI x700 PCIe

I've flashed the bios, reinstalled everything I can think of, read online faqs at ATI, Dell and Intel

The only help I found was at ATI, there was a problem with an ASUS MB 915G that would inherently overclock the video card and crash it until they fixed it with an upgraded bios setting. Doesn't really help since my PC doesn't have a Asus MB in it. Too bad I can't install the Asus bios into mine.

I heard mention of some compatibility charts but I can't find them.

I did do numerous searches on this subject here but couldn't find my exact problem.

Should I just get a new/better MB?

At my wits end please help.

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You may want to try the ATI Omega drivers. They have shown to be superior in many cases to the standard ATI drivers:

Here is a link so you can try them:

Let us know what happens with these drivers.
I think those drivers may have done it, they allowed me to underclock the card and so far so good. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for reporting back. So glad you got it going and it is performing well. Don't be a stranger on here, stick around and lend a hand if you see something you could help with. Have a great day.
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