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ATI Radeon HD 5450 > 42" Vizio

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I'm not sure if this is a video card question, a driver question, or a windows 7 question:

I recently bought a dvi/hdmi cable and hooked my dell inspiron up to my 42" vizio tv. The problem i am having is with the resolution - it is set to 1920x1080 which is as high as it goes however there is still a black frame around the entire desktop because it doesnt fit. Also i had to adjust the icons and text to 250% and it is still difficult to read internet text - i end of having to hold ctrl and use the mouse scroll thing to blow it up and then the webpage is out of whack.

i was wondering if there is a driver for my graphics card or something i could download to fix my problem and have my tv functioning like a big monitor instead of a tv trying to be a monitor.
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If by DVI/HDMI cable you mean an adaptor, then that could very well be your problem. If you connect your TV from a HDMI output on you Graphics card to the HDMI input on your TV it should work fine, assuming your Graphics card has one, which is irrelevant if you bought an adaptor. Try testing with a card that has a HDMI output.
the dvi part plugs into my computer the hdmi part into my tv.

when i tried to hook up hdmi/hdmi before no picture at all would show on my tv screen.

i thought i had read this was the way to hook up my computer to my tv but your saying that is wrong? how would you do it?
so i just tested again with a spare hdmi/hdmi cord and when i plug hdmi directly into the computer and then into the tv i have no picture at all.

any help would be great. i just want my tv to function like a monitor.
What I meant is that sometimes by using an adaptor you might experience graphical issues like you describe which is obviously not related to the adaptor in your case. Is your TV FullHD or HD Ready and what resolution or you running your Graphics Card at. FullHD is 1920x1080 or 1920x1200.
Ok from what I've read the max res with hdmi for the 5450 is 1920x1200 analog should be higher but I'm not sure how that will look
Model Number of your Dell?
my tv is full hd the resolution the comp is set to is 1920x1080 - last night i stretched the screen horizontal to fit the screen but it wont let me stretch it vertical i also changed the max/min font sizes on the firefox settings - today stuff is a lot easier to read and surf however im thinking this is still the bootleg way of doing things and their has to be something better. my friend recommended POWERSTRIP but i cant figure that out - im not really computer savvy.

i have a dell inspiron 580

the highest resolution my computer goes to is the 1920x1080
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