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Ati radeon hd 4870 sound problems!

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i'm using a pc with radeon hd4870. its connected to my main monitor via dvi and to a sony s360 receiver via hdmi (5.1 home theater system) which is connected to my tv(my secondary monitor). when i want sound out of the speakers i have to turn on both the receiver AND the tv. i used to be able to play sound out of the speakers without turning on the tv, but i dont know what had changed. can anyone help me out please? thanks!
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Where are your speakers plugged in? Directly to your computer?
my speakers are plugged into my receiver (home theater system). my computer is plugged into my home theater system (receiver) via hdmi and to my main monitor via dvi. my tv is hooked into 'hdmi out' on my receiver too.
What model is your reciever (I know you say it is a sony s360 receiver but I searched for that and it appears to be a Blu-Ray player not an AV receiver).

This is not a problem with your graphics card at all, it is in how your receiver is set up.
my home theater is actually this, Sony HT-SS360 the receiver that i have is an AV receiver and theres also an optional bluray receiver by the same serial which i dont have.

is there a way for me to configure my receiver so that i can get my speakers to work with out turning on my tv? i'd have no idea where to start. thanks :smile:
Your TV is not also a Sony Bravia by any-chance? I am reading through the manual now... there does appear to be one setting that could be affecting it.. but it is only applicable if you have a Sony TV.

See page 45 of this manual (the setting is on the right hand side of the page) for details:
i dont have a sony bravia tv unfortunately
i dont think this is a problem with my receiver. theres nothing in the manual that changes anything. i dont know if this could help, but if i have my receiver on, the hdmi output under sound options isnt detected , however once i turn on my tv, the hdmi output under sound options is detected.
Sorry, but without having physical access to the system I have no idea.
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