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ATI Radeon 9550 graphics quality

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I just recently got a radeon 9550 256mb video card and I am having some problems... The image quality in games is bad and pictures are bad. When in games like First Person Shoots, when i look left and right or up and down then some of the images on the screen get lines through them. Its fine if i keep the view still but the problem occurs in motion. Please help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance :smile:
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Check your BIOS and make sure AGP 8X is enabled.
Make sure fast write is enabled.
Make sure first display is set to AGP.

Make sure you have loaded the AGP Gart drivers from the motherboard CD.
You may also want to turn your AGP speed down to 4x (you won't notice any performance drop) and turn fastwrites off. Apparently fastwrites can cause a good deal of crashes.

System specs?
My specs are

Amd Athlon XP 3000+ 2.2ghz
512 mb ram
ATI radeon 9550 (overclocked just 5 mins ago)
Plz help some1 i still need help to fix this :cry:
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