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Hey all,

I guess this could also go in the Win95-98 forum, but I think this is as specific as it gets (aside from putting it in the drivers section).

Ok, here goes: Today my friend gave me his Radeon 8500LE, and here I am trying to set up the catalyst software I downloaded when halfway through I get an illegal operation saying

"INFSETUP caused a general protection fault
in module INFSETUP.EXE at 0001:00001da4.
EAX=3e3f3e3f CS=3e47 EIP=00001da4 EFLGS=00000246
EBX=00000002 SS=3e3f ESP=0000455a EBP=80b14560
ECX=0000627c DS=3e3f ESI=0000045a FS=0000
EDX=00000000 ES=3e3f EDI=0000045a GS=0187
Bytes at CS:EIP:
ff 1e 4e 04 1e c5 16 c6 03 b8 00 25 2e f7 06 26
Stack dump:
00001d74 45a93e3f 3e471be7 00180000 457c3e4f 458b3e3f 45983e3f 00003e3f 632d0000 7373616c 5349443a 59414c50 65732d00 6f697463 4e453a6e 732d0055"

I guess it was trying to access a memory location that was "off limits" to it or something, but after a couple of tries, the installation still does not complete. All non-essential programs are closed (from Control-alt-delete, not just closing system tray programs).

Any ideas? I'm really psyched about this new card and it would suck major if it didn't work...
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