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ATI catalyst problems

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So i just bought an Alienware m17x, with dual ati mobility hd 5870 CROSSFIRE

So after i splash out on this new magical laptop all drivers are outdated (thanks dell)

So i went to the ATI website and follwed there video tutorials, i.e uninstall everything etc...

Before i did this i used to have a command centre where i could enable my 'crossfire' etc..

I now cant find any trace of this, even though i installed the full client???
So im stuck, tried re-doing the process but its gone, but the download manager says its installed fine? so where is it? ive looked everywhere for it, no tray icons, nothing in programmes, nothing on desktop.

Please help!!!
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Have you checked the Dell website for drivers?
Did you install the ATI mobility drivers or the standard ATI Catalyst setup?

A lot of laptops use proprietary drivers to be able to control heat and power loads, you may also be restricted to using the drivers from Dell.
The 'tutorial video' told me to download the drivers (Mobility ones), so i did, then it said uninstall ALL Ati programmes, which i did. i then updated the drivers, but lost the catalyst command centre and now it wont come back, (i tried downloading the 'suite' download) the installer downloads and begins to install, but doesnt even install anything, saying that its already there, but its not, after advice from a techy friend, he said make sure EVERYTHING from ATI is gone and try again, so i did, still no luck, so i cant enable crossfire etc....
Big headache, never had problems when i was an Nvidia lad, switch to ATI and all hell breaks loose lol

Thanks for replys btw =P
Check in device manager for any yellow or red call outs. If you see any get us the Ven & Dev numbers.

To open "Device Manager", right click on "My Computer" (Computer in Vista/Win7) select Properties, On the Hardware tab Select Device Manager, if you see any yellow question marks, right click on the device and select properties, on the Details tab select Hardware IDs copy the PCI/VEN and DEV numbers and post them on your next post.
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