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I've got a year-old ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500. A little more than a year ago, I had a problem wherein:

1) No video out of the DVI port->VGA adapter, even in POST
2) Video works through TV out

I contacted ATI and the card was replaced, under warranty. A Note included said they could find nothing wrong with the card, but they sent me a replacement, just in case (that was nice). That card has been working flawlessly for almost exactly a year.

I came back from a weekend vacation to find my video, which had been in monitor low power mode, to be yet again missing after fiddling with the mouse to bring it back from power-down.

Powering off the system didn't help, although I did notice that when I power it down during post I get a super-brief glimmer of green (the Energy Star logo in post) as the video turns off in my monitor.

Tried the card in another machine to no avail. It's almost like the card never completely came out of low-power mode, although the monitor powers back up as if it should have video. It even thinks it's got the right refresh rate, but just no actual display (black).

Anyone seen this? Any ideas? The card is out of warranty now, so I'd hate to have to send it off for "repair".


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