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Hey people. Hope that Im posting in the right forum. Problem is that I cant seem to record from CATV to either my hard drive or in real time to my DVD drives without some type of interference. The picture directly from the TV tuner is great but when I playback a recording it seems as if the frame rate? is off. I get very bad audio (as if it were clipping) and the video freezes after the couple of frames (not even a second after start of playback).
I have had tons of problems with the ATI card so I guessed this forum would be the place to find help. I am using Nerovision 3 as my video viewer and recorder. Like I say, I can watch CATV fine but when it comes to playback its unwatchable. Never any problems with home video,AVI, Divx,RAT, MPEG 2 or 4, or any other conversion that I can think of. Any help would be appreciated.


Programs being used are
Nerovision 3 from Nero 6.6 Startsmart
ATI Catalyst Drivers updated 10/12

Gigabyte K8NS Ultra 939
AMD Athlon 64/3000
Windows OS XP2
4/512 Crucial DDR400
Maxtor 6Y120
WD 80
ATI 9600 128MB
2/Optorite DVDRW 1603
Liteon DVDROM 16P9S
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