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Atheros ar928x in Asus m50vm

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Does anyone know if the Atheros ar928x video card is permanently on board the motherboard? or can it be upgraded? It wont run in wireless N mode. :4-dontkno
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The Atheros ar928x is a removable unit.

Are you using a Wireless N capable router?

Install the latest driver for the Atheros card.

Install the latest firmware for the router.

What encryption are you using on the router?
brand new router DGL-4500; in 802.11 g/n mode, 2.4gz, wpa personal, checked for router bios is the latest update; vista 32 bit; device manage/look at properties for adapter it only lists b mode. My son is doing homework right now. Not sure why it is listed in the router as connected devices because router is said to be in b mode. I haven't been able to confirm if this adapter was designed to perform in n mode or if the setting I saw is dynamic. I can try to force n mode by changing the setting in the router and 5 hz, then see if his laptop will connect. I didn't see anywhere to change the mode for the adapter.
Do you know if this was designed to run in N mode?
If not, thanks so much for the info that it is replaceable.

I found this same scenario thread:
Atheros AR928X...No Wireless N?!?!?
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