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ATA Controller??????????

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I have a new Dell Dimention, and was having trouble getting it to work wireless, and was put in touch with an expert???? through a friend.
He told me i needed a 'Ultra ATA 133 Controller' which i bought from Maplan for £20 and he fitted to the Dell.
He told me it was to stop the main computer shutting down the internet conection when i used wireless with the other computer.(the main computer is an old Tiny the wirless is the new Dell)
I told this to an engenier from NTL and he had no idea why he fitted it.
Please can you tell me what's it for and is there any harm in leaving it there?
p.s. im using a Linksys Wireless-G router.
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The main thing is, is the wireless working?

And does the cmop shutdown if another computer use the wireless?
Yes it's working and no it don't shutdown, but he instaled it before trying anything. i just wanted to know if that is what it's for?
Theres a saying that applies here,

"If it aint broke, dont fix it"

Which is especially true when it comes to computers. If it works, just leave it.
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