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Asus v8170 Geforce 4 mx 440 SE ddr 128...FREEZE

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I receved in january an ASUS V8170 Geforce MX 440 install it i had to buy a new processor,motherboard (Athlon xp 2100+, asus a7s333).After i have installed it all was ok!Now when i run a game called ULTIMA ONLINE (2d rpg) or when i try to convert a video acquired from Camera the OS crashes: The mouse il blocked,audio card blocked,CTRL+ALT+CANC blocked,i can't do anything....i must restart!I tryed to download new drivers,i have installed the drivers of the video card cd...but nothing!The strange thing is that when I play QUAKE III ARENA or similar that not appen!!!!(excuse my bad english but i'm italian)Please Help me!
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Looks like a D3D problem. I'm not sure whether Ultima online runs with OpenGL or D3D, but since q3 arena works that means your gfx card isn't screwed. That would mean that the D3D (Direct 3D) is screwed up on your comp.

To test whether this is true -
1) Click Start menu
2) Click "Run..."
3) type in "dxdiag" without quotes
4) wait till fully loaded and the progress bar at the bottom is finished
5) Go to Display tab, click the buttons that test DirectDraw and Direct 3D.

While you're there make sure that DD and D3D acceleration is turned on.
If DD acceleration works but D3D crashes ur comp, that means its the D3D drivers that is screwed.

I recommend you either get new the latest DX version, (DX 9) or get the latest drivers for your gfx card.
Best to do both

good luck!
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