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Asus updater

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Heh, ok this is really #[email protected]#[email protected] me off..

Ehem.. motherboard--> P4c800 deluxe :bandit:

I'm trying to update the drivers and stuff. I run the cd, select 'asus update' it starts the installation of the updater program then gives me an error saying "no asus motherboard found. Exiting installer'.

I just emailed ASUS. I'm hoping I can get a quicker response from somebody here.

I appreciate it.
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Just to add to this topic... was this motherboard a bad idea?
The specs on it are awesome.. AI overclock is very cool. But I'm starting to think it's reliablity isn't worth the performace it should produce. I'm not sure if I want to update the bios now after reading some other threads.

On top of all of this im getting blue screen errors and memory dumps consistantly. I don't know what to blame.. Motherboard, memory, video card, software?? It's killing me!!!

This being my first home-built computer I shouldn't have to deal with all of this! Everything was suppose to go perfectly... :no:
Well, I've seen more problems being discussed with this particular board than all others combined in this section. It sure convinces me that I don't want one. :D
Yup these versions of Asus boards seem to have gotten the bad apple syndrome........:rolleyes:
Ha.. I just called Asus.. they told me "the updater only works with new top of the line operating systems. It might not work on windows xp home addition. We suggest you upgrade to windows xp professional".

That's typical tech support... Always blame it on something else.
They told me that ALOT of people are reporting problems with Kingston Hyper X RAM and this motherboard though. He didn't even have to ask me what type of RAM I had.. I started to say "king" and he finished it off with "ston hyper x, right?"

Hopefully that will fix my blue screen errors.
I still say it'' be a cold day in hell before I buy one of these boards! :D
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