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Asus update

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anyone ever use the asus update to update their bios?

my asus update is ver 5.20.01

when i run it i select download bios (for later installation - i guess)

it logs on to some asus server and reports a bios

then i get a msg that says:

unable to find file on the remote server...?!

does this utility work?

or should i try another way to update my bios - my current ver. 1014.003

thanks for any enlightenment...

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First of all, don't use thet method to update your BIOS.

More importantly, why are you updating your BIOS? I don't know what motherboard you have or what issues you have, so it is impossible to know why or if you need to update the BIOS.

O.K., I am from the old school and follow this rule: "If it is not broken, don't fix it." Otherwise, don't update the BIOS unless you have issues that need fixed. Many update them simply to have the latest BIOS and what happens, some end up trashing the BIOS. Just my two cents worth.

I hope you havent used the live update / the asus live update in MY opinion is a real piece of [email protected]#$%^ I have fragged the bios on three diff mobo's with that utility !!! the theory is awesome and convienient and easy and poo-poo

its an all or nothing process; there have been plenty of posters in here that fragged their bios with that utility.

I strongly suggest you use the afudos method of bios updating / and get the newest version off the asus website for your board especailly if you are updating a version 1019 or above !!

the only burb with afudos is its a DOS based program and Win XP and Win 2K have no DOS anymore. This is addressed by going to and downloading the second item on the page "driverless bios updating" that will automatically download a utility called DRDFlash all you have to do is insert a NEW floppy disk into your floppy drive and click on DRDFlash / it will prepare the floppy with the necessary DOS system files so you can run Afudos

next step is copy the afudos utility to the prepared floppy / just plan old drag and drop routine / nothing fancy there ~~ make sure when you download the newest version of afudos you dont copy a zipped file onto your prepared floppy of it wont run

next step / copy the bios file you want to use from the asus website for your board / same drop and drag from your download folder ~~ no zip files into the prepared floppy

last step boot your computer up with the prepared floppy disk in the drive (as long as your bios boot order is A drive 1st boot device youll be fine)

the drdflash utility will load Caledera DOS then it will bring you to an A:prompt thats where you are going to type you afudos update command
review your manual / the command should look like afudos /i1019 the 1019 will be substituted for your bios file name or number ????

make sure you get the space right after afudos and get the slash leaning the correct way

the nice thing about afudos is if the utility launches the rest is cake / a kindergaten kid could go it !! the utility will ask you if you want to back-up your old bios first YES

then it will update the bios / I have NEVER had a bad experience with a DOS bios utility !!

let us know how you progress / dont hesitate to ask questions if needed

print this out to make things easier for you !!


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thanks tumbleweed and linderman...

i'll follow your sage advise.

the reason i'm updating is because i've read it's useful/helpful if one is going to clean reformat drive C: with a new OS.

in my case i'm going from windows 2000 to XP pro.

a very heart felt thanks for the heads up...

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Tumbleweed36 said:

Otherwise, don't update the BIOS unless you have issues that need fixed. Many update them simply to have the latest BIOS and what happens, some end up trashing the BIOS. Just my two cents worth.
That is first rate advice. Install your XP first and see how it goes. I used to update to the latest bios whenever it appeared on the mainboard mfg website. That was until I got a bios from Hell. Nowadays my priority is stability. Doesnt matter whether you game or o/c or just surf. You need a stable and reliable starting point. :smile:

I agree with the boyz VERY much / although bios flashing is nothing to be afraid of / but it can be a night mare when done wrong or get a bios that doesnt improve things for you ????? If you are trying to correct a situtation with a piece of hardware / then by all means but you dont want to be the guy that walks accross a six lane highway just to see whats on the other side !!! LOL

enjoy your "clean" install of XP / make sure you choose "full" formatt and not quick format when the time comes (quick format only rewrites over the boot section needed for win install / full format does the whole drive)


Hi p4t,

I have used the ASUS Update utility on two different ASUS MB's, (P2B, P4S800). It worked great for me. In the "Select the Update Server" section, search the three locations individually instead of the "Auto Select" option. I use the "Download BIOS from the Internet", then "Update BIOS from a file" options, so I can scan for viruses before opening.

The latest version is 6.07.01.

It can be found at:

You can find the latest versions of other utilities there also. (Afudos, Aflash, ASUS PC Probe, etc.)

Good luck with your upgrade to XP. I think you will be satisfied.
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