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Hi, please help me understand what can this be and what could I do.
I left, closing the lid of my Asus which puts it to sleep. Some hours later I opened it to start, it starts but shows black screen. Long push of the power button switches it off, and now this is the weirdest - if in this switched off state I plug in the electricity cable, it starts by itself! To a black screen, of course.
I drained the battery to my best capacity, same, I plug in cable, it starts by itself.
If I try to start the laptop pressing Power plus F2 to access bios, it switches off with a click. And, as soon as I release the keys, it again starts by itself.
Can it be that it is somehow stuck in sleep mode? Should I get the battery drained even more? I don't see how though because I can't remove the battery. I screwed off the back but the battery is way too deep in.
What can it be? What can I do? Please help?

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