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ASUS P5P800 SE motherboard overheat

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Computer shuts-off without any special sign and by itself. We noticed a message saying that computer cannot be restarted due to overheat conditions.

Could it be related to the motherboard ?
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Hi Fred and welcome to TSF:wave:

Most likely it's the CPU overheating. With the computer unplugged, open the left side. Be sure to touch the bare metal casing before touching anything inside the computer. Make sure you have a thin coat of good thermal paste between the heat sink and the CPU and that the holddown connectors are held down securely.
While you are inside the computer, give it a good cleaning. Use a can of compressed air to blow out the powersupply and cpu heatsink. Clean the fanblades using q-tips and alcohol.
Plug it in and turn it on while the case is off and see that all the fans are running.

Let us know how it goes.:smile:

Best regards,
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