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ASUS P5AD2 Premium and Xp Pro 64bit, SATA HDD Install

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Hay guys

This is my first post so be nice...

I have looked all over the place and I have had seen so many diff items and other ppls ideas on this so I hope you can help me out

next week im upgrading to a new system and I will be running the ASUS P5AD2 Premium MB and I will have 2 x WD 200gig SATA drives as well as one 250gig IDE drive

I will be installing xp pro 64 bit on the new system and I wanted to know about SATA Drivers and that

Im not going to be running the drives in RAID I just want them to be 2 normal HDD and I wanted to know do I still need to install the SATA RAID Driver b4 I go on with the new xp install?

As some sites have said that if im just going to be running the 2 SATA drives with out raid I don’t need to other have said I do need to

and if i do need to install the RAID driver what one shoudl i install? as i have fond the silcon image one and the ICH6R

So I am completely confused by this

I have all ready got the SATA Raid driver for the install part (when you hit F6 b4 you start the install)

But I just need to know with the MB do I need to do that? Or will it found the SATA drives right away with out the SATA RAID Driver?

And will it be best to have both HDD in when doing the new install or just the one and get it up and running and then plugging in the 2nd STAT drive as well as the other IDE drive?

I hope that all made sense as it will be my first time playing with SATA and any thing to do with RAID (and I feel I will never even use RAID as it is any way

Many many thanks for helping clear this one up for me
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All these questions and yet you are prepared to run with trial software.
Why xp pro 64 bit?
Andrew S. said:
All these questions and yet you are prepared to run with trial software.
Why xp pro 64 bit?
Just figgerd that seen im going to be running a 64 bit CPU i should run 64bit OS so to get the most out of the system

the only real question is what SATA Driver do i use? as i have found the 2 diffrent ones and not sure what one to use
Here's a link for you. According to this you dont need a driver disk to install an operating system in single disk Sata mode.
It also gives you a list of things that dont work in 64 bit.
Nothing to worry about too much, just things like Antivirus programs, Nvidia drivers etc.

Are you sure you want this o/s?
thanks for that mate

yer im sure i want xp pro 64bit

so thats just for installing it onto the one SATA Drive right?

what abou the fact that i want to have more then one SATA HDD? it will not be a problem will it?

im thinking what i may need to do is format and install the os on the one drive first and then once it up and running plugging in the 2nd SATA drive.

would that be the best way to do it?

i have just never used SATA b4 so that is the only sticking point i have at this stage of running 64bit xp
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Thats the way I would go. This is fairly new stuff so please report back your findings and good luck!
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