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Dear Fellow Techs,

Just found the "last" Asus P4S800-MX motherboard at G&A
Computers in Waco, TX. Turns out, my old Soyo mainboard crashed
back in 7/22/07, and been "limping" on a salvaged Fujitsu Lifebook
since I had no other P.C. To get going.

I was "referred" by my brother to a small mom and pop computer
store in Italy, TX where I got the Elitegroup ECS PT800CE-A mainboard
and had suffered the random reboot, system halt errors. To my dismay
and after being told by various techs how pitiful Elitegroup is, I found
the Asus P4S800-MX mainboard at another mom and pop computer
store called G&A in Waco, TX.

Did I screw up again? Is this mainboard a bad mainboard also? I hope
not. Is there any "issues" with this mainboard? I don't want to overclock
this board, but use Windows XP Pro O.E.M., and GE Force 6200 256mb
AGP card, with off-board / PCI devices, and not the onboard stuff. Did
I do good, or not? Please be honest. I'm going to try this out and see
what happens. I just wanted some 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th opinions on
this particular mainboard.

Thank You,

Micha'el D. Lucas

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I think there's an Altex store in Austin if you're willing to make the drive. They're a bit pricier but carry quality hardware (Except that crappy ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe.)

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It doesnt appear the mainbaord has any known issues. If your not gonna overclock or do anything funky with it then i think it will be just fine.
Well, wouldn't ya know it, no post, no boot, no nada! :mad::mad:

AGP XFX 256mb graphic card, memory, ect. No post, no boot, no beep!
Power cables correctly connected. CPU installed right, ZIF slot and
corner mark fit perfect. Possible Defective board? I did send in a tech
support error on ASUS main site. I have to share the keyboard, and
monitor because I don't have a proper tech shop to hook things up.

I know about Altex, they got a store in Waco. Guess not my time to get
this desktop up and running. I'm surfing on a salvaged Fujitsu notebook,
I got for 150 bucks. I had my clutch work done to my truck and the guy
who worked on my clutch, said his laptop don't work right, turned out
he had 658 viruses on his drive, cleaned them up, re-ran the recovery
disk twice to make sure, now notebook working better than any mobo
I been putting in this desktop! :upset::upset::upset:

Two notebooks I got for less than 200 bucks, are salvaged and running
better than the Elitegroup ECS PT800CE-A mobo, and this ASUS
P4S800-MX! LOL G&A is a mom and pop operation, and the guy looked
like he didn't know what to do. :sigh::sigh::sigh:

All I want to do, is install Windows XP Pro, and surf the web. No big
name games, no overclocking, no special tricks or anything but maybe
watch DVD's, burn some CD-RW's, y'know "Plain Stuff" :pray::pray:

Are the computer desktop gods mad at me? lol

At any rate, the P4S800-MX isn't booting at all. Getting down now..
Better get drunk.. lol:laugh::laugh::laugh:

Any thots? Ideas? I did contact Asus, and they are closed. Hope they
get the message, and help me out.


Micha'el D. Lucas

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Asus M2N-SLI DELUXE (No Post, No Boot, No Beep)

I think there's an Altex store in Austin if you're willing to make the drive. They're a bit pricier but carry quality hardware (Except that crappy ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe.)


Ok, come to find out, the P4S800-MX was a "Dead Board" that Asus
happily replaced with a new system board, and WOW it's working! I am
doing some updates to the system, got XP running, BitDefender on it
as well as my old apps! Works better than the Soyo! I got a Foxxconn
661 series mobo, and a 478 pin 1.8 gig cpu (used cpu). Trying to get
my other system up.

************** NEW ISSUE **************

Back in October 2007, my supervisor wanted me to build her a "new"
computer. Which should have taken 2 to 4 hours tops!. Of all things,
she got an ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard. After procuring parts
off of EBay, and XPC it is now January 2008, and to this day still has
a NO POST, NO BEEP, NO BOOT error. I've cleared the CMOS, replaced
what we thought was the AMD Athlon AM2 940 pinn, 5000+ CPU, the
store sent 2 motherboards instead of 1, and tried the other mobo with
the SAME results. Needless to say, she's understandably outraged, and
after getting off work, I drove to her place to clear the CMOS on a
possible FRONT USB mis-aligned pin. Still no post no boot, so she drove
to Killeen and called from the computer repair store, and I spoke with
Eric about the issue. He said he'd charge 60.00 to diagnose the mobo,
and find out what happened.

To cover all the bases, what is the main issue with this particular main
board? Is it a crappy board? What could be the problem here? I even
pulled the board, checked the little brassy mounts and checked and
replaced or added missing plastic insulators and reinstalled the board,
cleared the CMOS, again, then reconnected, same deal. NO Boot, NO
Post, ect.

I think I better shoot myself if I can't figure out why this is happening?
I got my mainboard back, dropped the CPU, and it works great, and
this system board for my supervisor isn't! Grrrr. Please help?


Micha'el D. Lucas

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The M2N SLI Deluxe boards are historically crappy. A quick Google query will confirm the number of issues that users are facing with that board.

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ASUS M2N-SLI DELUXE (No Post, No Beep, No Nada!)

The M2N SLI Deluxe boards are historically crappy. A quick Google query will confirm the number of issues that users are facing with that board.
I already "informed" my client (supervisor) by email, she took the system to CompuZone in Killeen, TX and she called to "angrily inform" me that "I" screwed up the wiring. They claimed, the wiring was
"messed up" after they diagnosed all of the parts, and rebuilt the
system part by part. (according to her)

I called CompuZone, and the book keeper answered the phone who did
tell me, that this past Friday they serviced her computer, and turned
out to be "BAD RAM" or that the Memory went bad. The book keeper
told me, he ran the inventory that her memory was defective and they
sold some new memory to her. The book keeper told me, they did tear
the system down, part by part, tried all of the components, and then
found the problem: "BAD RAM" which kept the system from booting. No
"messed up" wiring was mentioned.

I have yet to research this further, and to consult with the techs who
worked on her computer, yet I have a hunch, she had ordered the
memory from: X PC Gear Website.
They screwed up her order, and sent her two motherboards. There
seems to be a lot of issues with this website. Where 80% of all her
parts came from. The first issues started when she ordered the case,
and other devices from Ebay, and X PC Gear. If anyone has other issues
with X PC Gear's website, please let me know if anyone had good or
bad luck. I would rather drive to Waco, Austin, Killeen or San Antonio
and physically pickup the parts that I know will work, than order online
with a 50% chance.

I didn't speak with any of the techs or the person who looked at her
computer. Sounds like something went wrong, and I got blamed for it.
She insisted on obtaining the parts without my supervision, and advice.
She didn't want to go to a store, and walk out with the parts to get
started right away. She insisted on ordering online, and when I had the
time off go put the system together.

It was like, I was used for assembling the system, but she got the
parts. Her sons laptop "dial up" was slow, and had too many distractions
trying to order the parts online using a dial up connection on her son's
laptop and wait for the parts.

To find out that the RAM (memory) was the culprit. Who knew? :p X( X(

What other issues came from this M2N-SLI Deluxe system board that I
don't know about? (Except stay away from it?)


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The computer was checked in because the customer stated that "someone" put it together and it wouldn't boot. Our policy is to disassemble the computer, test every part and reassemble it. When we tested every part we found the memory was bad, we put in new memory. So it's a possibility that the bad memory was the culprit the entire time.


Since then, nothing more was done, perhaps due to my 'oversight' on the memory,
I guess I owe a refund. Since I promised to get her computer up, and someone else
had got it running.

Now I got "issues" with the XFX 6200 256mb TV / DVI graphic card! Help!



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GE Force 6200 XFX

Please post a new thread for the video card issue. It'll help us to better help you. :wave:
No problem.. I bought the GEForce 6200 XFX 256 mb DDR2 TV / DVI
AGP x8 back on Sept 10, 2007 from Once I upgraded from
the old FX 5200 128mb DDR I realized I got a "good" card!

The Card worked good for a few weeks, and I went into BIOS / CMOS
made sure to set the primary video to AGP (not onboard or PCI) Went to
BIOS, --> Advanced --> Chip Configuration and checked Graphics
Aperture Size is 256, AGP 3.0 Compatibility 8X mode, AGP Fast Write
Capability Enabled, Video Memory Cache Mode USWC, Onboard VGA
DISABLED, then I went to the PCI Config and made sure Primary VGA is
AGP. (That is, after I had removed, rebooted, and reinstalled the default
approved video drivers that came with the graphic card.)

Did this one more time, removed drivers and the VGA adapter from
Device Manager, shut down the P.C. rebooted, then canceled out the
automatic detection (Windows has found a new...) and.............

(It helps if you can get into VGA mode [hitting the F-8 key before it
boots up, or during post] remove the drivers, and device from device
manager, shut down, turn it back on, cancel the auto detection by
windows, and if you can, copy the files from the CD onto a folder on
the hard drive.)

............................during this update on this topic, I reinstalled the
video drivers, and now the system Froze, no response on the keyboard,
the screen is blue with blue/green vertical stripes, mouse arrow is also
frozen, and no sound.

Looks like, a piece of junk graphic card! LOL I sent in a trouble ticket to

Be sure to get the P/N and S/N off of the card or box, and if its
bootlegged, sorry charlie... lol

Yes, you do have to register your graphics card, and make sure you
have an Issued Registration Key that they supply you with in the case
you have problems.



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Asus P4S800-MX (D.O.A. again)

***************Tech From Another Forum****************
I'm sorry to say that I had much the same problem with a RMA'ed
mobo from Asus. The one that came back worked for a short time,
and then died.

I can't say that Asus is the only one I've had the same problem with,
Intel has done the same. But I kinda expected more from Asus. I did
not bother again, I just decided to do a mobo/CPU/memory upgrade
at Fry's.


******************End Of Report******************

Looks like, the RMA'd motherboard died and pooped out my graphic
card, or that's where the issue started. Hmmm... It all started when
I got the Elitegroup ECS motherboard, sent it off, came back didn't
work, then got this asus p4s800-mx, sent it off, came back, worked
a little bit, and now, I got this Foxconn 661 MX Plus motherboard.

Why is it that they make such piece of junk motherboards? Hell, my
Toshiba laptop I got for 80 bucks and clean slated Windows 2000, is
working better than these new motherboards! At least it boots, and
runs better! G-d Help Me!!

(Any issues on the Foxconn 661 MX Plus Motherboard? I'm going to
try it out anyways. Thank You All for helping me!)


Micha'el D. Lucas


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I been "trying" to contact Asus about this issue. So far, I called left a message, sent a few emails, and I hope to keep bugging them till I get a person to talk to! If I were a rich
man, I'd send Lawyers, and use the Media! :) At least get enough lawyers to visit Asus
and say "Why do you make bad motherboards?" Can I Get a Refund For Defective
Components? Nah, I'll just contact those who have Asus in the Stock Portfolio and urge
them to flush all Stock in Asus, even go to Jim Cramer! Boooyah!
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