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ASUS P4P800 problem! system halted

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Well, I have a very mysterious situation here... I hope someone could help me.

here it goes:

I recently got hold of a asus p4p800 motherboard, it worked fine and everything. until I changed some settings on the bios. (performance for cpu and memory, I can give the specific things I changed if needed).

after the change it boot up and everything seemed to start, BUT the monitor´s light didn´t change (yellow to green) like if the computer was turned off or there was no video card. then if I try to turn off the machine, it doesn´t, the cpu fan is working, the HDs are working but the machine can only be turned off if I turn off the no break itself. it´s like it is halted and the monitor is black and didn´t initialize as said above.

well, first thing I tried was to clear the CMOS, well I followed the instructions and it doesn´t work (maybe the instructions are wrong on the manual? can someone tell me exactly how to do it?)

but it gets interesting, well I´m trying to clear the CMOS again and then I turn it on and suddenly IT WORKS! it´s like back to normal again... BUT then I notice that everytime I turn on the computer it says "new cpu detected, press f1 to...".

well then I check the jumper I used to clear the CMOS and I notice that I had put it ONLY over pin 1 (instead of pin 1 and pin 2, to clear the CMOS it involves changing a jumper to position 1 2 to position 2 3 and then putting it back to 1 2), then if I put it how it should be, it goes back to what happened before.

so the only reason I was able to make it work was to put that jumper over pin 1 only, what makes the bios detect a new cpu every single time.

well I hope there are some gurus here who could help me.

ps: ask me and I´ll give more info if something wasn´t clear.

thanks in advance
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For overclockers’ convenience, ASUS introduced CPU Parameter Recall function, which will automatically return all the settings to default ones, if the system fails to boot. But to our great disappointment, CPU Parameter Recall function doesn’t work in the existing BIOS versions. That is why, if you screwed some settings in the BIOS, press and hold INS key on boot-up and you will access the Setup to correct your mistakes
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