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ASUS P4C800 Problem list

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When I bought the P4C800 Deluxe, I ventured out on the net to find out what kind of problems this mobo may have, after all no motherboard are without kinks.

I thought I'd share the problems and the possible solutions found on several forums. If you have any other problem or solution, you are welcome to add to this list. This is based on memory, so correct me if I'm wrong

1. BIOS update - it seems that version 1008 are not stable. It causes the BIOS and the computer to either freeze or crash.

SOLUTION : go up to version 1007

2. Power Supply - Inadequate power to mobo cause the computer to not boot up, fans may be running, maybe the hdd, but no post.

SOLUTION: get 480 or more. get quality, not quanitity.

3. RAM - incompatible memory module will prevent mobo from using dual channel, have to use only one module in order to boot

SOLUTION: get memory listed on ASUS P4C800 compatible list

4. HSF - theres been a forum on Heat Sink and Fan acttached too tight and it causes the mobo not to POST.

SOLUTION: loosen the HSF

If you know of any other additional problems that are not listed on this, please feel freely to add. I had hope to consolidate all possible problems and solution so that someone else wont have to search through the forums to find it. Its nice to find a quick solution.
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